Concrete Repair Contractor in Saskatoon, SK

Though concrete is designed to be a durable, long-lasting material, it can eventually succumb to wear and tear over time. If your concrete is broken up, cracked, or damaged, you need a skilled concrete contractor to repair it. And that's where The Concrete Fix comes in. As an established concrete contractor in Saskatoon, SK, we have the tools and skills to handle all types of concrete repair jobs.

Reliable Service

At The Concrete Fix, we understand that damaged concrete not only makes your property look bad, but also puts you and your visitors at risk for injury. That's why we pledge to offer timely, dependable service when you call on us for concrete repairs. When you work with us, you'll benefit from our:

  • Reasonable rates
  • Professional contractors
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Quick response times


Typical Repair of Leaking Concrete Structure (Non Gushing Leaks)

The interior concrete wall is cleaned, holes are drilled intersecting the crack at a 45° angle every 8 inches and injection ports are installed. Polyurethane is then injected to completely fill the crack. When the polyurethane has cured the ports are removed, the holes are filled, and the wall will be ready for surface finishing. This process eliminates the need for exterior excavation and is typically completed in one day.

Typical Repair of Leaking Concrete Structure (Gushing Leak)

Holes are drilled through the concrete structure to get access to outer-side. Injection ports are installed and hydrophobic polyurethane is injected. The hydrophobic polyurethane reacts with water to expand (29 times within 10 sec) allowing the material to migrate and soak into and against the leaking structure and around pipe penetrations creating a impenetrable curtain while stabilizing the loose surrounding soils.

For more information about our concrete repair services or to schedule an on-site estimate for your home or business, call The Concrete Fix today.



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