Manhole And Septic Tank Leak Repair in Saskatoon, SK

Gushing Leaks.... The Concrete Fix uses a hydrophobic polyurethane resin that rapidly expands to stop gushing leaks that allow unwanted water into your sewer system.

Slow Leaks...........The Concrete Fix uses a hydrophilic polyurethane resin to stop water from leaking threw small cracks in manholes. This low viscosity resin reacts with water outside the manhole and forms a closed cell, watertight foam that seals the manhole and stops leaks.

Fast and inexpensive leak repairs on manholes and septic tanks.

We use high pressure polyurethane injection to fill voids on the outside of the tank/manhole to prevent water from entering.


One manhole that has a ¼” diameter hole will allow 225,000 gallons of groundwater to leaks into the sewer system  every month. An average water treatment cost is about $1.75 per 1000 gallon, so this single ¼” diameter hole is costing the owner $393.75 per month.



The Concrete Fix utility trailer